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Welcome to the homepage of Chemistry of Metals and Alloys, published by the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Since the first issue of Chemistry of Metals and Alloys was launched in March 2008, over 300 scientific contributions have been published, covering recent developments in fundamental and applied research in the fields of phase diagrams, synthesis, crystal structures, physical properties, etc., of intermetallic and related compounds.

The geography of the authors and their affiliations is continuously expanding. Up to now, the authors from over 30 countries have presented results of their research in Chemistry of Metals and Alloys. A considerable part of the published papers is prepared in collaboration between various institutes, proving that modern science does not know borders and high-quality results often require joint efforts. We can also assume a broad geographic distribution of the readers of Chemistry of Metals and Alloys and of those who use data published here in their research: more than 570 citations of articles from Chemistry of Metals and Alloys are listed in Web of Science.

Among the topics covered by Chemistry of Metals and Alloys the most popular is crystal structure determination. Almost 50% of the published reports deal with crystal structures of novel compounds. A dozen new structure types of intermetallic and inorganic compounds were revealed in Chemistry of Metals and Alloys, as well as a few novel metal-organic structures. The number of papers dealing with microstructure parameters is increasing. Besides crystalline phases, the objects of investigation also include amorphous alloys, thin films, and composites. Every fifth paper reports and analyses physical properties of new phases, mainly transport, magnetic, and mechanical properties. The experimental results are often supported by electronic structure calculations and chemical bonding analysis. A smaller number of articles describe chemical properties, such as electrochemical, catalytic properties, etc. Over 20% of the published manuscripts present phase diagram investigations, most of them experimental, but in certain cases supported by thermodynamic calculations. The journal also provides a ground for sharing recent achievements in data processing. Certain papers on the advances in crystallographic software, databases, or new approaches in data treatment, published here, may be useful tools for scientific research.

For Ukrainian authors, it is important to know that Chemistry of Metals and Alloys is included in the official list of journals of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. All articles have now been assigned doi codes.

We acknowledge the synergy of the authors, editors and referees, who bring the scientific results to the readers. We encourage you all to submit papers to Chemistry of Metals and Alloys, while on our side we will go on focusing on meeting the standards of a modern scientific journal.


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